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Every time the ACT MOTORCYCLE CLUB opens the track to riders, I have been noticing more and more young families pulling up with their trailers, eskies, and BBQs.  Spending the entire day either watching their kids race around the nippers track or heading out to the Motocross track, carving up the ruts like the good old days.

It has been a fantastic opportunity to be able to photograph the riders and their families at the ACT MOTORCYCLE CLUB at the Fairbairn facility.  The people I have been able to meet and the stories I have heard about the riders and their history of the track. 
Mark Bowman was a rider who started riding at the track when he was 11.  Now thirty years later Mark brings his two kids Cooper and Macie to the track, to experience the fun that he had when he was their age.

Mark Bowman

I first met Mark and his son Cooper one of the junior development course.  A course that the ACTMCC has started to host more often to encourage young riders to try the track for the first time.

Over the next few open days that the club would hold, I would see little Cooper on his new 65cc Yamaha with number 99 on the front plate, racing around the nippers track, getting better every time he rides.  Every now and again coming off and needing assistance getting up, but that's all part of riding.

I did ask Cooper if he likes the new bike, he said 'its a lot bigger than the bike that he used to ride.'  I laughed and said that you would grow out of that bike very soon don't worry.  The 50cc KTM that Cooper used to ride has now been passed down to his younger sister, Macie.


Last weekend I caught up with the Bowman's sitting on the back of the bike trailer.  Mark was tightening up his riding boots, and the two kids were sitting on their bikes raring to go.  Macie was in her brand new pink riding gear, all ready to have her first ride on the nippers track.


Every now and again, the senior riders were stopped from riding on the main motocross track.   This gave the younger, less experienced riders an opportunity to tour around the track.  Many of the smaller rider being helped by either their parents or other senior riders.

The track is improving with more people turning up and enjoying a  great day with family and friends.   Money raised from these open days goes straight into the club to repair water pumps and tractors.  Volunteers are spending more time on the track preparing, grooming, and watering.


The track has still got a bit to go to get it back to the top class facility that it used to be,  so remember to thank all the committee and the people who help on the day. 

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Kristy Broad(non-registered)
What a brilliant article.. I really enjoyed reading it, can’t wait to see more family’s at the track looking forward to seeing the track continue to strive..
Robyn & Bill Bowman(non-registered)
Thanks for the fantastic photos. We are enjoying watching our family riding at the track.
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