Moments of 2017

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Early in 2017, My son was just starting Motocross.  We turned up to the Fairburn track thinking the MX track was open. Unfortunately it wasn't.  Luckily there was a rec day at the dirt track, so Zander had his first experience of the circular flat track. 

I was lucky enough to take some shots of alot of amazing riders.  One was Dave Jnr who was definitely drifting harder than most that day. 

As the year went on, Zander just wanted to race.  This led us to another Motor sport of AMCROSS.  This is high speed racing on a natural terrain motocross track. This photo was captured after the first corner at the ACT AMCROSS track at Tharwa.  I always love the madness of the first corner to see who comes out first.

Marcel Schulter is the talented head chief at the Cafe and Winery at POACHERS PANTRY, just outside the Hall Village of Canberra.  The food that Marcel and his team create are mouth watering.  I had the plesaure to be able to take the photos for their latest website upgrade. 

The photo below was taken at the MOSS Institute, where Zander enrolled in a four day motocross course.  This rider pictured is young 13 year old Dante Hyam, Who on the last day was laying so low on the corners, he is an amazing rider to watch. 

At the AIS in Canberra, I was able to take photos for Australian Taekwondo.  This event was the selections to compete at the WTF World Taekwondo Senior Championships to be held in Muju, Korea. This picture was taken of Tristan Jet Fernandez from Martial Arts Spirit Health & Fitness Academy. Tristan is one of the most entertaining fighters that I get a chance to shoot, always putting on a show.

My family and I had an amazing experience in Vietnam.  Where at the Hoi An Markets we saw many different cultures.  The old still having to work on the street to help feed their families.

Coming to the end of the Rugby season, I popped in to watch a friend play for the Under 18yrs West Rugby Club Semi Final match.  It was a very entertaining game to watch, with West's convincingly winning the game to move into the finals.

The friendships that Zander has made over the year are great.  On and off the track, everyone has always been so helpful.  This photo below was taken at the end of one of the Amcross races at Goulburn.  Zander congratulating the other rider for a great race.

The photo below is of my daughters Football team manager and one of her friends young kids she was looking after.  Bronwyn is an amazing women that spends alot of her free time to help the young women in sport.

You must love the sport if you can handle the extreme temperature changes.  This photo is of Ken Marsden at the Cooma Motocross track,  where the temperatures suddenly dropped to freezing and then started snowing. 

Later in the year I was invited to take photos at Bendigo Victoria for THE AUSTRALIAN TAEKWONDO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Many emotional highs and lows throughout the three big days. This one is of Chloe Borg winning her match on Golden point.

The great thing about the action photography,  its takes me to all types of places and experiencing many people in different sports.  This photo is of a Ewen Lee.  A good friend of mine who let me take some shots of the Belnorth Football Team.


A rider that I have been following around the circuits this year is GLEN SEGARI.  A very entertaining rider who spends a lot of his time preparing the Canberra Motocross track and for other to enjoy.

There are so many sport out there that people don't even realise exist.  Parkour is one of those sports that encourages people to get outside and use the environment to it's full potential

The great thing about Christmas is that it gives an opportunity for our families who live all over Australia, to come together to enjoy precious times together.  This photo is one of my favourites, as it captures the fun times my nephews had in the pool.

And a big thank you to my patient family who put up with the camera in their face and the late nights I spend editing photos to get that perfect shot.

 My son Zander (Alex) and his new Yamaha YZ250F

My Daughter Hayley and The Burgmann Soccer Team

and my loving wife Annette, competing at The Australian National Taekwondo Championships


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