Australian Junior Motocross Championship 2017

September 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This weekend riders from all over Australia will travel to Horsham VICTORIA, for The KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship  (AJMX) Titles. This championship will cover competition classes from 50cc Auto up to Junior Lites.

4 Junior riders from The ACT Motorcycle Club ( ACTMCC ) will be participating in this massive annual event, an event that is hoping to host over 450 young riders




I have known Fin since he was a baby,  starting riding when he was 3 on a Yamaha TTR 50. He has been getting better every race I watch him ride, never missing out on any of the motocross races around the state. This weekend he will be competing in 2 classes,  The 65 cc and the 85 cc classes.  As they say 'Work hard, train hard', this is what Fin has been doing.  Good luck this weekend Fin.






Patrick has been training for months for the Australian Junior Mx championships this weekend,  He will be riding in two divisions on his 125 KTM and also 85cc Husquavarna. Coming back even stronger from a small hand injury he suffered a few months ago in Young. Patrick's father Brett Barton will be there to support him through this major event. Brett is one of the co ordinators at the ACTMX track.  Always volunteering his time for the Junior riders.   Best of luck Patrick for this weekend





Connor and Jarrod will be busy this weekend riding three classes 85 - 14/u16 125 -15yo 250- 15yo. The boys have been putting in lots of training on and off the bike so let’s hope their conditioning holds out, the boys have been chosen to represent NSW in the NSW state team at the aussies this year which will be there last year as juniors and more than likely there last rides on there 85/125. Both the brothers are fantastic competition for each other, pushing themselves to the next level in racing.





Good luck to all the riders this weekend. Have fun, ride smart and bring home some trophies!!






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