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Last Sunday, Round 6 of the ACTMX was held at the Fairbairn track in Canberra.  It was the last Round of the year and it was awesome to see the large amount of riders and spectators who turned up to support the club.

The track had been prepared earlier in the week by Glen Segari, Dave Winchester and many other volunteers.  Nice compact  jumps, table tops and whoops.  Soft corners, perfect conditions to make awesome rutts.



The day started as normal with people arriving at 6.30am to grab the perfect position on the edge of the track.

After all the riders were debriefed, the quiet Sunday morning was turned into an amazing symphony of four stroke and two stroke engines.

This little guy was eager to start racing that day.


With all the warm up laps out of the way, the first heat of The SIMON FENSOM MEMORIAL race started.  Simon was a great club member, who loved to ride and help out at the club with his young family riding as well.  Simon lost his battle to cancer last year, so to support his family and the awareness of cancer, all his mates have gathered to ride for Simon and his family.

As much as this memorial event was a race,  any chance that someone got to get a head start and grab holeshot, they would. 


The Names of people have been given to me by the ACTMX and their position in each race.  If there is anyone that I have missed, their photos will be on my website link below .




There were two young rider in this class, riding their 50cc around a shorter track. No losers in this group just a lot of fun riding.


50cc Div 2

Winner of this division was Dylan Timmer.

Seth Marsden

Tye Fensom


65cc 7 - 9 Yrs

The winner of the division was Jacob Pollard.

Kaleb Winchester

Dylan Timmer

Seth Marsden

Lachlan Cheney


65cc 9 - 12yrs

The Winner of this Division was Fin Manson.

Hickson McInnes

Riley Gibb


85cc 9 - 11 yrs

Winner of this Division was Fin Manson.

Hickson McInnes

Mich Morrison

Oliver Cheney


85cc 12 - 14 yrs

The winner of this division was Lachlan Winchester

Riley Arabin

Deaklan Schrivener

Samantha Macarthur



85cc 14 - 16 yrs

The winner of this division was Samson Edwards.

Adam Pearsall

Zac Robinson

Kyle Jenkins



Junior Lites

The Winner of this division was James Davison.


Tyson Gibb

Samson Edwards

Riley Arabin

Michael West

Adam Pearsall

Scott Blundell - Who won the Junior Lites Feature race

James Besgrove

Ryan Izzard



The Winner of this division was Shannon Fischer 



Seniors Open

The Winner of this division was Glen Segari.


Scott Abigail

Connor Whitney

Ben Ross

Josh Bell

Brad Morrison

Lachlan Kirk

Aaron Bingley

Dean Turner

Corey Banks

John Payton

Tim Macarthur

Scott Weber

Ian Hamilton


Senior Lites ( A & B Grade )

The winner of this division was Jon Prutti.

Glen Segari

Tim Macarthur



C Grade

The Winner of this division was Connor Whitney.


Josh Bell

Brad Morrison

Ryan Morrison

Aaron Bingley

Andrew Williams



Over 35's

The Winner of this division was Adam Bland.

Michael Turner

Rod Morrison

Brandon Tait

Ross Scarman

Kevin Reid

Ken Marsden

Andy Stiles

Ron Prutti

Jai Passlow

Ian Bingley

Ashley Baker

David Lutton

Dave Winchester

Andrew Woodman

Dave Morrison

Dan Oconnor





Thank you everyone for making this an amazing event. More photos from these big races can be viewed on this website link
























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