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Last Sunday I met up with a couple of amazing people from the Canberra Parkour Community using the free public space around Lake Tuggeranong to it's full potential.  Parkour is an activity of moving rapidly through an area, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, climbing and rolling.


David Haines and Lluka Yohanni are members of the Canberra Parkour Community.  This community has been practising Parkour in Canberra for years.  Some people taking it seriously and training every day and others just getting out and enjoying the great outdoors when they can. 

" there is no competition with the community, just reaching your personal goals."  David Haines


Enjoying public areas for different uses than what they are designed for, Parkour involves seeing one's environment in a new way, and imagining the potential for navigating it by moving around, across, through, over and under its features. 



Lluka Yohanni started practising Parkour when she was 17 and for the last 3 years has improved her strength, efficiency, adaptability and self improvement.

  "I like parkour because it helps me build physical and mental strength and it makes me consistently challenge myself. I also really value the community that is built around parkour and the philosophy behind it".


Lluka trains a couple times a week in the afternoons or when she can fit it in between studying Medical Science at Uni, She tries to catch up fellow members of the Parkour Community when they have their monthly jam sessions, which could be anywhere in Canberra.



"Basically training parkour is about being able to respond in emergency situation, primarily to escape danger or reach someone who is in trouble."  after she practised her Rolls (Roulade) for the 100th time.



David Haines (Hainsey), Is 27 and has been practising Parkour since 2007.  You can see the confidence and the skills are there, although even he mentioned that there are times that some doubt creeps into his mind every now and again. 

" if only the water wasn't there I could jump these so easily."  David laughed as he was trying to better his record of how many concrete piers he could jump in a row.




As a Public servant David cant wait to get out of the office and challenge himself in these open areas.  Although very aware of the people around him and realising that this is a public place that they have to share with others.

" in these public areas, we are not the primary user of the area and we have to respect that."  David mentioned this as a large group of people stopped and watched him go through his manoeuvres.


Thank you Lluka, Hainsey and the Canberra Parkour Association for letting me spend the day with you.  You have definitely opened my eyes on the many opportunities out there that we all may take for granted.

 And remember.... "THERE IS NO SPOON" Matrix




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