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The Winchester's have packed the bikes and headed off for this massive 12 hour,  1170km  drive so Lachie can compete at Round 3 of The Australian Supercross Championships series this weekend in VIRGINIA South Australia. 


Lachie Winchester has been riding Motorbikes since he was two and a half.  His first bike was a Pee wee 50cc on Training wheels.   I have watched Lachie compete on the Motocross tracks and he is an amazing rider to watch.



This year Lachie has started racing in the Australian Supercoss Championships.  His first SX race was under lights at Jimboomba in Queensland, another 13 hour drive for the family.  This was an amazing experience for the entire family.  

  "Of all the years we have been racing it was the utmost nervous I have been. We have walked into this with no expectations, and walked out with an experience not many kids get!"  Dave Winchester.



Lachie who is the youngest one in his 13 - 16 yrs 85cc class will only get better with every race, and will soon be leading the pack. 

His family is always there for support.  When his dad has time he races his Susuki 250cc, Kaleb (Lachie's younger brother) who is 9 years old races his KTM 50cc and Katrina his mum is always volunteering her time to help out and at The ACT Motorcycle Clubs events.  (no photos of mum, she is always hiding from me).  


Dave Winchester on his Susuki 250cc


Kaleb Winchester on his KTM 50cc


Good luck to Lachie this weekend and for the rest of the Championship.

A Big thank you to the Lachie's sponsors,  without their support it makes it hard for young families to compete at this level.


Moss institute

Fred Senger @  Pro TMC

Canberra Motorcycle Centre




Enjoy the photos that I have on my website and As I have been saying to all the athletes...







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