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Anthony Tedros is a great little fighter from IRONTIGER MARTIAL ARTS in Sydney.  People call Anthony 'THE POCKET ROCKET' as he is not the biggest fighter on the mat, although he has the biggest passion for the sport.

I first noticed Anthony back in 2015 when he was fighting at the Sydney Unified Taekwondo Championships.  Anthony was competing against a fighter a lot taller than himself.  Although that didn't stop Anthony from coming from behind and eventually winning this fight. 



In 2016 Anthony started to fight in the Black belt division.  His competitors getting taller and faster, although Coach Di Carn never gave up hope on Anthony's passion.



2017 Anthony started to fight in the Cadet division.  The age of the fighters in this division would be 13 - 15 years and the lowest weight category was under  33kg.  For Anthony who had only turned 13 and his weight was around 28kg, he would be fighting against boys who were 2 years older and alot heavier. 


ACT Cool Climate Classic at the AIS


Anthony has had a massive year competing in many International events including The New Zealand Open and just recently coming back from a tour in Canada.  Here he competed at the Commonwealth Championships and the Canadian Open with Iron Tiger team mates Bailey Chandler and Kate McAdam.


Bailey Chandle​r

 Kate McAdam


Only just returning from Canada, Anthony then competed in the Under 33kg Blackbelt division at the Australian Taekwondo Nationals in Bendigo.  It was a very entertaining match to watch, Anthony only just losing to MUSA's Sam Evans. 



Anthony's also expands his Martial Arts skills to involve Poomsae routines.  Which is a form of Taekwondo Patterns.




Well done Pocket Rocket for a big year so far.  You are a fantastic person with an awesome personalty,  a very entertaining fighter to watch.  The more experience you get on the mat, the better you will be.   I hope to catch up with you and the IronTiger Team later on this year at another competition.


More photos from the Nationals can be viewed at the link below 


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